Summer ECBOE Workshops



Etowah County Schools will offer the following workshops this summer. If you plan to attend, go to the Chalkable PD website to enroll.  Seating will be limited, so enroll early.  Employees may receive a Variance Day by attending two 3-hour sessions. The appropriate Professional Development Exchange/Variance Day request form must be completed and submitted to Kim Reed for approval by or before May 31, 2018.

*Sessions must have at least 10 participants enrolled; otherwise, it will be canceled. 

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2018 EdCamp Connect
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T166

July 9, 8:30am - 3:30 pm
Gadsden City High School
Grades:  K-12

Want to be a part of PD unlike any you've experienced? Join us for an UNconference.  EdCamp Connect is driven by the very participants that attend.  The schedule is determined by what YOU, the participants want to teach or learn.
EdCamp Connect is the combined effort of the Etowah County and Gadsden City school systems. 
Breakfast and lunch are included!


Behavioral Intervention Tools:  "A Make and Take Workshop"
PD Title #:  ECBOE-SPEC72717
July 10; 9am - 12pm
Presenter:  Holley Murphy
Location:  The Learning Center
Grades: PK-5

It's no secret that working with special education students requires creativity and organization.  Sometimes, teachers have to make their own tools and resources to keep the cool in the classroom!  In this workshop, teachers will learn about different examples of behavior intervention strategies and tools to be used in their classroom such as first/then boards, choice boards, picture schedules, file folder games, busy box activities, social story books, communication tools, the reading window, etc.  Teachers will also have an opportunity to make these tools to take away with them when they leave!

Participants must bring the following items to the workshop:

  • markers
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • colored or manila file folders
  • stick on Velcro tabs (optional)
  • tape
  • tagboard
  • copy paper
  • multicolored construction paper



Chromebooks in the Elementary Classroom
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T167
July 11; 9am-12pm
Presenter: Lisa Richards & Dena Statum
Location:  John Jones Elementary School
Grades:  K-5

This session is designed to introduce teachers on how to utilize Chromebooks in the elementary classroom. Participants will review the basics of Chromebooks, Google Drive, apps, and extensions.

Why not start a MakerSpace!?-Cancelled
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T178
July 11: 1pm - 4pm
Presenter:  Lisa Richards
Location:  John Jones Elementary School
Grades:  K-5

Makerspace provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build, and invent.  Join me and other participants to learn how to incorporate Makerspace activities into the elementary curriculum.  Participants will leave with many fun and engaging ideas ready to implement in their classroom.




Overview of Conscious Discipline
 PD Title #:   ECBOE-PS42

July 12:  9am - 12pm and 1pm-4pm  (Two Sessions)
Presenter: Joy Winchester, Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education
Location:  Central Office Board Room
Grades:  PK-12

Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach which use the
brain state model to not only explain behavior but to guide an adult’s response to the behavior. Conscious Discipline
is transformational in that it switches from controlling a behavior to helping a child control their own behavior.
Participants will receive a copy of the book Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky A. Bailey.



Google Apps-Grades 3-5
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T168
July 16:  9am - 12pm
Presenter: Melia Griffith
Location:  Southside Elementary School

Participants will explore the different Google Apps and discuss how they can apply to lessons in the classroom. The instructor will offer ideas and strategies to use when differentiating instruction and assignments for all students. Participants will also examine ways to encourage collaboration among students when using Google Apps in the classroom.  The instructor will provide the participants with resources to use in their classroom


Google Classroom-Grades 3-5

PD Title #:  ECBOE-T169
July 16:  1pm - 4pm
Presenter: Melia Griffith
Location:  Southside Elementary School

Participants will learn how to set-up and use Google Classroom to create a paperless assignment workflow. Participants will integrate all aspects of Google Drive and Google Apps to create assignments while exploring how to use Google Classroom to help encourage collaboration. 



Google 2.0                         
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T170
July 17:  9am - 12pm
Presenter: Brandi Caldwell, Alabama Technology in Motion Specialist
Location:  University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades:  PK-12

Google is always changing and getting better. Participants will explore the latest
advanced features in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. We will also explore the best add-ons and extensions. Bring your device and let's get Googly!



Social Media and Branding Your Class/School
PD Title #: ECBOE-T171
July 17; 1pm - 4pm
Presenter:  Brandi Caldwell, Alabama Technology in Motion Specialist
Location:  University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades:  PK-12

Do you Tweet? Does your class have a social media presence? The key to
communicating your story is social media. Learn the tricks to making this manageable for a busy teacher. Find
professional resources and contacts through social media, too.  Bring mobile devices and laptops for the best experience!

    social media


Computer Maintenance & Troubleshooting
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T110
July 18; 9am - 12pm
Presenter:  Kelly Bryan
Location:  Central Office Boardroom

Participants will explore basic troubleshooting, updates, and downloads using the ECBOE tools website, networking Q&A, backups using removable storage and online solutions. 
Participants may bring a laptop or Chromebook to the session, but this is not required.

Introduction to Achievement Series
PD Title: ECBOE-07181
July 18; 1pm - 4pm
Presenter:  Kimberly Downing
Location:  Unversity of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades:  3-12

Participants will develop an understanding of the Web-Based Grade-Level
Assessment Platform Scantron Achievement Series. This session will focus on general product knowledge, navigation, site maintenance, test creation and delivery, basic score information, and reports.




The Computer Science Curriculum
PD Title Number: ECBOE-T177
July 19; 8:30am - 330pm
Presenter:  Ashley Waring
Location: University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades:  K-5 is hosting a one-day workshop for K-5 educators interested in teaching computer science. Workshops will cover multiple unplugged and online lessons while providing supplies needed to teach the courses.  Participants will receive materials and lunch will be provided.

Participants must register in Chalkable PD and at the link below to received supplies and lunch.


Understanding Mental Health Issues to Help Students Succeed
PD Title #:  ECBOE-PS43
July 19; 9am-12pm
Presenter:  Megan Campbell & Teresa Dawson, CED Mental Health
Location:  University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades: PK-12

How does a teacher know the difference between typical issues and behavior that
might signal a more serious problem? Mental health problems are real, painful and, left untreated, can have serious
consequences. Learn more about mental health issues and resources.

-Basic overview Mental Health awareness
-symptoms of concern
-Symptoms warranting action or indicating risk
-Common diagnosis issues in school children
-Teacher awareness of steps to engage help
-Parent support and teamwork with school
-Positive outcome building
-CRISIS intervention contacts, after resolving, prevention of future crisis such as case management, frequent contact,
and reports between team members. (Suicide prevention, watch for bullying, withdrawn students) (Substance abuse alerts)
-Team Buy-in; parents and schools working together for healthy students

mental health


SchoolMessenger Teacher Webpages 101
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T172
July 23; 9am - 12pm
Instructor:  Heather Hannah
Location: Hokes Bluff Elementary School
Grades: PK-12

Learn the basics of creating and maintaining teacher webpages for instruction, educational purposes, and for communication with stakeholders.



GAFE Introduction

PD Title #:  ECBOE-T173
July 24; 9am - 12pm
Presenters: Skylar Nelson
Location:  Southside High School
Grades: PK-12

Introduction to Google Apps for Education (GAFE).  De-cluttering, organize, and streamline your use of Google Apps.

Topics Include
  • Gmail tips and tricks
  • Extensions
  • Drive - organization, folders, integration, forms, and sheets
  • Hangouts
  • Class YouTube Channel



Picture Perfect STEM Lessons K-2
PD Title:  ECBOE-SCI19
July 24; 1pm - 4pm 
Presenter:  Carol McGinnis & Tara Hood - AMSTI
Location:  Central Office Board Room
Grades:  K-2

Participants will develop a better understanding of how to create STEM lessons that integrate all subjects and match the standards. Participates will receive a copy of the book Picture Perfect STEM Lessons K-2 by Emily Morgan and Karen Ansberry. The book contains fifteen units. During the sessions, participants will complete one unit from start to finish. Two children's books, The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt
and From Wax to Crayon by Robin Nelson will bring both non-fiction and fiction text for the STEM lessons, integrating literature. Math and engineering practices are also included in the lessons. Participants will receive resources for two more units in the book and resources will be shared through email. Participants will leave with more sample lessons from K-2 that are connected to the Alabama COS Science Standards.

 Get Your Classroom Rolling with Sphero Robot
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T174
July 25; 9am-12pm
Presenter:  Cassie Clark
Location:  Southside High School
Grades: 4-12

Participants will use a sphero spk robot, and the sphero edu app to learn how to use basic to advanced programming skills to code a robot that will move, change colors, make sounds, and more.  Through this session, participants will learn programming, hands-on activity, and how to share their creations

ACIP Training for Elementary Schools

PD Title #:  ECBOE-CIP251819
July 25; 8am - 3pm
Presenter:  Tracy Cross
Location:  University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades: PK-5
Participants will develop a better understanding of the new CIP platform and construct a functional CIP for schools to utilize throughout the year. Participants should bring relevant data and information
in order to complete their CIPs for 2018-2019.





ACIP Training for Secondary Schools
PD Title #:  ECBOE-CIP261819
July 26; 8am - 3pm
Presenter:  Tracy Cross
Location:  University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades: 6-12

Participants will develop a better understanding of the new CIP platform and construct a functional CIP for schools to utilize throughout the year. Participants should bring relevant data and information
in order to complete their CIPs for 2018-2019.



Chalkable iNOW Training for Teachers
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T175

July 30; 9am-12pm
Presenter:  Megan Henson
Location: Hokes Bluff Middle School

During this session, participants will receive an overview of our student information system, Chalkable/ iNOW and how it is used in the classroom. Participants will review the basic tasks of entering/posting grades and
attendance. Participants will also learn how to tailor their grade book to their needs and how to use the mobile-friendly site with what all it has to offer.



How to Identify Students Dealing with Mental Health and Behavior Issues
PD Title #:  ECBOE-PS44
July 30; 1pm - 4pm
Presenter: Personnel from Quality of Life
 University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades:  K-12

 Participants will develop a better understanding of how to identify students dealing with mental health and behavior issues that may be a result of a mental health issue. Participants will also learn strategies to utilize in a classroom setting to help those students to be successful.

            mental health


Google Classroom for the K-12 Teacher
PD Title #:  ECBOE-T176
July 31; 9am-12pm
Presenter:  Skylar Nelson
Location:  Southside High School

A primer on the setup, application, and uses of Google Classroom.

Topics covered include:
1. Google Classroom Setup
2. Roster setup/export
3. Posting/collecting/grading assignments
4. Creating Announcements
5. App integration
6. Use of Google Slides


Counselors' Corner-Best Practices in School Counseling
PD Title #:  ECBOE-C17
July 31; 8am - 3pm
Presenter:  Dena Cook
Location: University of Alabama - Gadsden Center
Grades: Counselors K-12

Counselors will have the opportunity to learn and share best practices in school
counseling curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support. This is for school counselors only.

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