School Technology Plan Resource Page

Attached is a copy of the School Technology Plan template. Each school's technology plan is due Friday, October 19.  You will find directions on each page in the form of a "help box."  Please delete these boxes as you complete your plan. 
Last year, each school turned in a Technology Plan in the newly required format.  Therefore, you will may not need the template (other than to review the help boxes).  You may edit last year's plan by replacing it with current information. 
School Technology Plan Template and Checklist (to be printed and sent with plan)
Please read the following carefully as you complete your school's technology plan.
Signature Page
Make sure a signature page is included. Send a copy to ECBOE and keep a copy for your school. State and Federal funding mandates a system technology plan AND a school technology plan be in place each year. Schools receiving funds from government agencies must have an up-to-date technology plan for each year they receive funding.
Impact Results
Please use this form to help you analyze your IMPACT results. It corresponds IMPACT questions to the 4 Goals on the tech plan. It will help you easily target responses to assess after you've chosen which 3 objectives to address for each of the four goals.  IMPACT Results Guide
Percentile Indicators
Some of you have asked about the percentile indicators on the school tech plan (in the action step section). You will estimate the percentile rankings based on observation and IMPACT results. That is why the percentile ranges are quite broad.  However, you may use data (percentages) from the IMPACT survey to back up your goals (in the data sources column).
Goals Section of Tech Plan
On the "Goals" section, make the "where we stand" information specific to YOUR SCHOOL. Use the IMPACT survey to back up your findings. For example: "13% of our teachers surveyed report that they use a spreadsheet for assessment at least once a month." This would suggest a need for spreadsheet training on the "action steps."
Technology Purchases/Planning
Each school's technology money can only be used for purchases that were mentioned in the school's technology plan.  With that being said, please make certain that you include all future technology purchases (hardware, licenses, software, PD, etc.) in your action steps and budget sections of the tech plan. Technology purchases may not be approved if they are not included in your school's plan. The purpose of the tech allotment is for emerging technologies that make a difference for the student in the classroom. The same holds true for the system's technology plan and funding. Generally speaking, STI maintenance fees should be paid with local school funds.
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