Electricity Resources

    ElectroCity (All grade levels)

    This online game requires an e-mail. However, teachers can register so cities developed by your students can be registered to your school name. Students become a mayor of a city and must manage the energy and electric production and consumption. This game was developed in New Zealand.

    The Physics Classroom (Middle - High School)

    This site was created by a high school physics teacher. All lessons, activities, videos, etc. are free. The Laboratory includes over 150 lab experiments grouped by categories. Scroll through the activities to the middle of the page to find static electricity and electric circuits.

    The Great Energy Challenge (Elementary - Middle Grades)

    National Geographic provides an interactive poster on the world’s electricity. You can manipulate sliders on each fuel type to see what happens to the electrical production/consumption. In addition the Great Energy Challenge web page has several interactive tools to determine carbon footprints and savings when using efficient light bulbs.

    Southern Company (Elementary - Middle Grades)


    Alabama Power is part of the Southern Company. Their educational web site provides games and displays to teach about electricity and how coal, hydro, and nuclear plants work. Teachers can access supplementary materials. Alabama Power also provides over 300 Science Suitcases that contain interactive science kits that can be checked out for four week time period. There are over seven electricity kits covering Grades 3-8. These kits are already correlated to the Alabama Course of Study: Science. There are books and VHS/DVDs available for checkout. The Water Course houses a


    Engineering Interact (Elementary)

    Includes light, sound, forces and motion and earth and beyond in addition to electricity. The activities require students to use the tools of the scientist to solve the problem in each category.

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