A+ College Ready PLU


Title: PLUASIL 7 LEA Etowah County BOE A+ College Ready Professional Learning Unit Training

Submit this form and necessary documentation to the Director of Secondary Curriculum by June 5, 2015 to receive your PLU:  A+College Ready PLU Checklist 

The A+ College Ready Incentive has three main goals:

  • To increase the number of students enrolled in College Board AP mathematics, science, and English (MSE) courses.
  • To increase the number of students earning qualifying scores (3, 4, or 5) on the College Board's AP exams in MSE.
  • To increase the number of students attending and graduating from college with degrees in mathematics and science.

Highlighted Areas require dates and/or data to be submitted for PLU.  Please refer to your calendar for LTF and A+CR dates.

 All Administrators will:

  1. Create a culture in which the skills and expertise of the counselors and teachers are valued, encouraged, and supported
  2. Empower staff to take leadership roles and serve as a resource to them 
  3. Communicate with the counselor and lead teachers regularly to maintain a “pulse” of the school
  4. Document a good faith effort to ensure that extra-curricular activities do not conflict with Program activities
  5. Be responsible for the submission of all data requests made by the A+ College Ready within 5 days
  6. Assist all those involved in recruiting and enrolling students in AP and pre-AP courses, including parent meetings 
  7. Share in the vision to help more students stay in school and prepare for college success
  8. Observe LTF Classrooms at least FOUR times to ensure successful implementation and document instructional and learning evidence – Record dates and include documentation
  9. Work closely with all AP and pre-AP teachers in support and implementation of their responsibilities

High School Administrators will:

  1. Attend AP Administrator Trainings (Summer and School Year) – Record Dates
  2. Monitor AP Exams and provide the best possible testing environment – Record Dates
  3. Attend at least one A+/AP Saturday Study Sessions – Record Dates
  4. Provide A+ College Ready with data, documentation, and program information in a timely and meaningful fashion
  5. Be responsible for and work closely with A+ College Ready in ordering all math, science, and English College Board AP Exams and collection of associated fees 

Middle School Administrators will: 

  1. Attend at least two LTF Vertical Team Meetings – Record Dates
  2. Allow release time for LTF Training/Vertical Teaming

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