EL Resources for Teachers
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Teachers, did you know that the EL Department has a variety of resources that you are welcome to use for your own lessons?
If you would like to check-out any of these resources, please contact the EL Teacher responsible for your school. Here's a small list of things we have:
Simple Spanish Phrases (Praise, Aptitude, and Concerns) when speaking or writing to students and parents: Spanish Teacher Companion
English to a Beat
Folktales and songs for language learning- a fresh approach to teaching oral language, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. We have MANY cultural books to choose from. It also comes with a CD of the song that corrolates with the book. Ideal for small groups (we have many copies of each book).

english to a beat   E2B

Leap Pads
We have 6 Leap Pads that are available for you to use. We have also included a list of books that you may use with the Leap Pads.
Leap Frog  phonics


Picture Dictionaries
Ideal for EL students, these dictionaries offer not only the meaning as a reference, but a picture too!
pic dictionary  picture dictionary 
IDEAS for Literature
Leveled books for EL students- focuses on grammar and writing
Example Pages:
  worksheet  Worksheet1
Funny and informative books about basic math and grammar skills
grammar books punctuation book
Science Books
Science books  compound
Graphic Novels- These are ideal for high school EL students who are studying Shakespeare or other novels. They re-tell the story in the form of a comic book. This allows students to have a better visual of what's happening in the story.
List of Novels Available:
Romeo & Juliet
The Scarlett Letter
Red Badge of Courage
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Macbeth  scarlett letter
graphic novel  novel
Picture books without text 
book  book1
As you can see, we have MANY books that your students might be interested in. Please let us know if you have a topic you are working on in class. We can try to find a book that might help your student. We also have leisure reads in several different languages.
 books  books
Hot Dots Jr.-Great for kindergarten and 1st grade. We have the following Hot Dot games: Beginning Phonics, Numbers & Counting, and Patterns & Sequencing
hot dots  
Vocabulary Sort Game- Sort cards by vehicles, animals, home, and foods 
vocab sort  
CVC cards and letter tiles 
Compound Word Flipchart 
Alphabet Soup Sorters